Apr, 15

Australian Automatic Arms promotional material and SAR manual

I’ve scanned and uploaded some original advertising material for the Australian Automatic Arms SAR series of firearms, as well as an original SAR manual.

The brochures tell an interesting story in themselves – the launch of the military type SAR, SAC and SAP series, followed by an attempt at a more politically correct ‘sporting’ variant, the SP.

Finally, the sale and closure of the Australian Automatic Arms factory, and the list of plant and equipment for sale.

I don’t agree that ‘the Australian Government banned the manufacture of firearms’ as the brochure states.

Warwick Firearms in Victoria have been manufacturing a number of very high quality rifles, including an AR-15 type rifle, the WFM4.

They are just about to release their new WFA-1 straight pull bolt action rifle.  You can read about it on their facebook page: Warwick Firearms

SAR Sales Brochure

SP 20 Brochure

AAA Plant Sale Brochure

SAR 223 Sporting Rifle Manual RED